Moaning' Mountain Boys
Spontaneously formed on the 2016 KMBF Showcase Stage, the Moanin’ Mountain Boys returned to delight audiences with two performances at the 2017 KMB and have since held a number of other enthusiastically received performances at several venues in Whitehorse, including Hamilton and Son and different local bars.  On violin, Kieran Poile draws from almost 20 years of playing, most recently with groups such as Stony Loner and His Rythmn Rounders and Elixir de Gumbo in Montreal, where he has honed his improvisational chops and his old-time and bluegrass repertoire.   Jerome Belanger, on
upright bass, was born into a musical family and has been playing since he can remember.  He studied jazz at Vancouver Island University and has performed with many local bands in Whitehorse of diverse styles.  Graeme Poile, on guitar, has studied music for as long as his brother, including for a year at Vancouver Island University for jazz, and has performed with respected Canadian fiddlers such as Troy McGillivray and Alex Lamoureux.
The trio showcases a diverse range of musical styles in their song choices, arrangements and compositions.  While remaining faithful to the bluegrass, old-time and Canadian fiddling repertoires, they approach these pieces with a unique musical sense, and fill out traditional fare and new compositions with tasteful additions and fresh sounds.