Unspoken TraditionThere are a lot of unspoken traditions that are a part of heritage music. The Unspoken Tradition Band makes sure the music grows by respecting the traditions while adding their own original material and approach.

Self-described as “five working class guys from Cherryville, North Carolina”, Lee Shuford (bass), Audie McGinnis (guitar),  Zane McGinnis (banjo), Ty Gilpin (mandolin) and Tim Gardner (fiddle) naturally also say that they play “working class bluegrass”.  They aim to make music that is participatory and accessible, real music that anyone can relate to with its themes of life, love, work and family: music by the people and for the people.

Unspoken Tradition has released two widely acclaimed CD’s.  Their sophomore album, “Miles Between” has placed in the Top Twenty on the Bluegrass Unlimited charts, just like the first album did.