This year’s Kluane Mountain Bluegrass Festival is a wrap and what a great weekend it was.  We had five outside bands, and all delivered simply stellar performances.  But it almost didn’t happen!  Bands were travelling from Tennessee, Virginia, Mississippi, Ohio and Ontario, and most were expected to arrive late Thursday.  Near midnight on Thursday, we learned that United Airlines flights to Vancouver had been badly delayed, arriving too late for the connecting Air Canada flight to Whitehorse.  We had fifteen musicians from three different bands stranded in Vancouver.  For some of them, all United/Air Canada would offer was a seat on the flight arriving in Whitehorse late Friday night – which would mean they would miss the entire first day of the Festival.

In desperation, a phone call was made to Sharon Miller, the Sales Manager at Air North.  She immediately agreed to provide complementary tickets on Friday morning’s Air North flight from Vancouver to Whitehorse for any of our musicians who were going to miss the show!  In the result,  everyone got here and the show went on as scheduled.

We just can’t say enough to thank Air North for their help.  You saved our Festival!

We also have to add that the musicians who ended up flying Air North were absolutely blown away by how wonderfully they were treated.  They all had stories of friendly, helpful staff and excellent service.  We relate one which is typical. After a stressful night at the Vancouver Airport, Kristin Scott Benson, the banjo player for The Grascals, found herself at the Air North check-in counter with a dead cell phone and an urgent need to call us to confirm the arrangements.  The Air North agent lent her personal cell phone to Kristen so she could make the call!

From the entire crew at the Kluane Mountain Bluegrass Festival: Air North, you rock!